Chi High Tours

Chi High Tours is the very first of its kind here in Chicago. While cannabis tourism is a huge economic resource in cities and states with legal adult-use cannabis, it's still relatively new here in Chicago. Even being a little late to the legalization party, we firmly believe that Chicago will be one of the most beloved canna-tourism destinations considering its already one of the largest tourism destinations in the United States. 

As the cannabis industry begins thriving in Chicago and Illinois as a whole, opportunities have been opening up for cannabis-adjacent industries to find their footing in the Illinois business world post-legalization. With that in mind, Instead of pushing for licenses to operate a dispensary, grow house, edible bakery, or extraction facility, Chi high Tours is the very first luxury cannabis tour to hit Chicago. 

Our Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is simple: to be the leading authority in Chicago cannabis tours.

While many cannabis tours in Chicago will come to exist in the coming months and years, our service is (and always will be) in its own league. 

We strive to offer the most educational experience in the city as well as the most laid back, comfortable, and entertaining cannabis tour out there. Our mission is to entertain, educate, and connect people.

While consumption is encouraged, Chi High Tours aims to make cannabis more accessible and better understood by people from all walks of life.


We picture a world where cannabis and its culture can be accepted and celebrated all over the country as both a powerful medicine and a safe recreational experience. 

Chi High Tours exists to help break the stigma of cannabis as a whole through rigorous education and entertainment as well as a way to promote social equity in the city that banned cannabis six whole years before the rest of the country. 

We hope that by shedding light on this sensitive subject in a way that is fun, safe, and accessible to all, we can begin working towards new ways to help break the curses left behind after almost 100 years of prohibition. 


Chi High Tours believes in three pillars of service, including education, entertainment, and comfort

We offer all three from the comfort and luxury of our fleet of Mercedez Benz tour busses along with free gifts that make the ride more enjoyable.

However, while education is the name of the game, we firmly believe that you can't have education without fun.  


Fun experiences are more likely to be memorable, allowing us to drive home the educational aspects of our cannabis tours and encourage our guests to participate, make friends, and learn in comfort and style with us. 


Our Quality Guarantee

Our tours are founded on the principles of entertainment, education, and comfort. If for any reason you're not satisfied with our service, we accept refund requests as well as ticket exchanges. Learn more.

Chi High's Story

Chi High Tours was founded by one of the most dedicated and educated members of the cannabis community in Chicago: James Gordon. 

James grew up in Brooklyn and learned about cannabis in the early 1980s via friends and family members who used cannabis under the radar in the days of prohibition. However, along with prohibition came crime. Gordon frequented inconspicuous places for consuming the green and had to frequently bend the truth surrounding his personal encounters with cannabis as well as concealing the truth from friends and family members who partook. 

In that process, cannabis use became a hugely misunderstood, troublesome, and rebellious issue. With age, James found that the overwhelmingly negative stigma associated with cannabis use could be directly attributed to a lack of educational outlets providing true facts and information instead of fear and misinformation.


Now that cannabis is swinging forward and making leaps and bounds in these areas post-legalization, states across the country are moving to provide medicinal and recreational cannabis to people who need and want it. Yet one vital issue remains: There is still a major lack of reputable, educational, and entertaining outlets focused on helping people learn about everything cannabis has to offer and not just have a smoke fest.

But that's where Chi High Tours comes in. To James, Chicago is one of the most exciting cities in the country. It has a unique blend of culture, attitude, and attractions that speak for themselves, making it no wonder the city saw 117 million visitors in 2019. 

Now that Chicago offers a fully recreational cannabis experience, Chi High Tours was born to help provide an educational experience for the city and for its people - whether they partake in cannabis or are just interested in getting to know the new craze. 

"My team and I are looking forward to keeping the curious informed and the connoisseurs celebrated. Whether you're from Chicago or just getting to know us, welcome aboard. We can't wait to meet you." 

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