Beer & Bud Tour


3.5-Hour tour through Greater Chicago


5-Star luxury tour vehicle and experienced tour guide

Tour one of Chicago's most popular breweries and shop at a dispensary


Enjoy edible treats on-site before departure


Free gift bags and photo opportunities with every tour


Meet cannabis chefs and enjoy consumption opportunities

About The Beer & Bud Tour

Our Beer & Bud tour is a brilliant, fun-filled expression of Chicago's unique character. With this tour, we set out to blend our beautiful Chicago scenery with our up-and-coming cannabis industry. Here you will go behind the scenes and meet world-renowned craft beer brewers and expand your knowledge of non-smokable forms of cannabis — like edibles! 

Did you know that hops and cannabis are closely related cousins who share many therapeutic terpenes such as Humulene and Myrcene? This tour aims to educate and entertain our guests by breaking down the science behind beer and cannabis and diving deeper into the way our bodies process cannabinoids and terpenes when ingested. 

Whether you're an avid cannabis user or just interested in learning more about the wonderful world of beer and edibles, the Beer & Bud tour is a great choice for just about everyone. 


You will first meet your tour guide and group and hop aboard our 5-star luxury Mercedes Sprinter or Cadillac Escalade. 

From there, we'll cruise to one of Chicago's most prominent craft breweries where you will learn about their history peppered in with a few facts about the therapeutic uses of beer and how it relates to cannabis. 

Afterward, it's back aboard the vehicle to swap stories and learn the essentials of modern cannabis use and consumption with a trip to The Herbal Care Center dispensary where you will receive a 10% coupon as one of our clients. We'll then move on to enjoy an educational cannabis consumption experience at our one-of-a-kind education and experience center. Here you will experience cannabis, sample edibles handcrafted by local cannabis chefs, and consume cannabis freely. 

This tour is offered by our best-in-class tour guides, who are born and raised Chicago natives. They are eager to guide you through safety and regulations, dispensary selections, and dosing options of Chicago's legal cannabis as well as the history of cannabis, lesser-known consumption methods, and of course, Chicago culture. 


We think you'll enjoy the curated elements enhanced by a scenic Lake Shore Drive with a stop or two for photo opportunities at famous Chicago landmarks. Consumption opportunities will also be available, just please remember, there is no cannabis consumption allowed on the tour bus, per the law

The Beer & Bud Tour is an excellent way to see everything the city of Chicago has to offer, learn about and enjoy cannabis, sample beer, and socialize with like-minded, curious connoisseurs like you.


We're excited to have you aboard. 

Tour Highlights:

  • Experience one of Chicago’s most famous breweries and sample Chicago's finest brews

  • Expand your knowledge of legal cannabis and Chicago

  • Meet fellow beer and bud enthusiasts 

  • Embark on a guided, educational cannabis consumption and sensory enhancement experience

  • Sample infused edibles and learn from a cannabis chef

  • Visit Chicago landmarks for photo opportunities

  • Enjoy a 3.5-hour tour through the city.


Tour Inclusions:

  • Guided cannabis consumption and dispensary shopping

  • Food and beverages 

  • Local guide and gift bag 

  • Cannabis Q&A

  • Luxury tour vehicle

  • Consumption opportunities

  • Scenic Lake Shore drive

* Please note, consuming cannabis on our tour busses is strictly prohibited per state law.


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