Jazz Culture & Cannabis Tour


3-Hour tour through Greater Chicago


5-Star luxury tour vehicle and experienced tour guide


Visit famous city landmarks in Chicago with consumption opportunities


Enjoy edible treats on-site before departure


Shop at a dispensary with personal guidance via tour


Free gift bags and photo opportunities with every tour

About The Jazz Culture & Cannabis Tour

Our Jazz Culture and Cannabis Tour is designed to highlight the cultural richness of the city of Chicago. With this tour, you can completely immerse yourself in the cannabis culture that has been developing here since the days before prohibition.


Chicago was home to many of the era's most influential jazz musicians. In fact, Jazz and cannabis are said to go hand in hand. When you think about jazz, there's a good chance you picture black musicians in a smoky 1920s club since these musicians were famous for their appreciation and use of cannabis. More importantly, these musicians faced a lot of aversion in the days leading up to cannabis prohibition, but still humbly escorted the origins of social justice, civil rights, and race integrations into the 21st century.

With this tour, we aim to immerse our guests in the cultural richness of Chicago via cannabis education and jazz music. Whether you're an avid cannabis user or just interested in learning more about the culture of cannabis, our Jazz Culture and Cannabis Tour is a great choice for just about everyone. 

To start your tour, you will meet your tour guide and group in the location specified on your ticket and hop aboard our 5-star luxury Mercedes Sprinter or Cadillac Escalade. 

From there, you'll learn the essentials of modern and historic cannabis use and consumption with a trip to The Herbal Care Center dispensary where you will be allowed to shop and enjoy another stop or two for essential accessories. The tour will then take you to more than a dozen landmarks, offering a pit stop for consumption, art, and music appreciation in between.

At the end of the tour, we'll meet up at Andy's Jazz Club & Restaurant for live jazz band performances, giving you an even richer cultural experience with Chicago, cannabis, and jazz music. 

This tour is offered by our best-in-class tour guides, who are born and raised Chicago natives. They are eager to guide you through safety and regulations, dispensary selections, and dosing options of Chicago's legal cannabis as well as the history of cannabis and jazz, the cultural effects of prohibition and legalization, facts about Chicago's most inspiring African American history sites, current cannabis culture, the future of social reform, and more. 

We think you'll enjoy the curated elements enhanced by a scenic drive through the art district with a stop or two for photo opportunities at famous Chicago landmarks. Consumption opportunities will also be available, just please remember, there is no cannabis consumption allowed on the tour bus, per the law

The Jazz Culture and Cannabis tour is an excellent way to see everything the city of Chicago has to offer, learn about cannabis and jazz music, explore the history of cannabis, jazz, and Chicago culture, and socialize with like-minded, curious connoisseurs like you.


We're excited to have you aboard. 

Tour Highlights:

  • Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Chicago

  • Learn how cannabis and jazz both played a huge role in the origins of social justice, civil rights, and race integrations.

  • Meet fellow cannabis & jazz enthusiasts

  • Embark on a guided, educational cannabis consumption and sensory enhancement experience after shopping at a dispensary

  • Learn about the past, present, and future of cannabis in Chicago

  • Enjoy a 3-hour tour through the city

Tour Inclusions:

  • Beverages

  • Scenic drive

  • Guided and educational cannabis consumption

  • Local guide and gift bag

  • Cannabis Q&A

  • Luxury tour vehicle

  • Free treats

* Please note, consuming cannabis on our tour busses is strictly prohibited per state law.


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