5 Of The Funniest 420-Friendly Comedians

Looking for something 420-friendly to laugh at while you watch Netflix tonight? Check out five of our favorite stand-up comedians who themselves have a lot to say about enjoying weed and laughing.

Tom Segura

Tom Segura’s Disgraceful special on Netflix is a feast for the eyes in more ways than one. In this special, he talks pretty extensively about weed and cracks plenty of jokes about buying weed, using weed, and how times have changed so much from the secretive days of old.

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle is the mastermind behind Half-Baked, one of the most popular 420 movies out there. In almost every one of his stand-up shows (and even Chappelle’s Show) he talks pretty extensively about smoking weed. The Age of Spin is his newest standup on Netflix and it features tons of cannabis content alongside gut-busting jokes and stories.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is a long-time cannabis user best known for his intricate drug stories. From his podcast to all of his longtime comic ventures, he’s never been shy about vocalizing his love of cannabis. In his first Netflix special, “Triggered”, he talks about some of his funniest high stories, including getting high as a parent.

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones is well known for her hilarity on the Katt Williams’ It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’ tour. She’s made her way into tons of movies and has even stolen the show as a bold personality on Saturday Night Live. However, her special “Problem Child” was actually her very first stand-up comedy video. She herself is a long-time cannabis aficionado and tells tons of jokes about weed commercials and advertising to crackheads.