Cannabis Bars Are The New Open Bar

A lot of private events offer open bars. But what if you or your guests don’t like alcohol? This cutting-edge solution is making waves in the recreational cannabis industry. Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis bars.

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What is a cannabis bar?

Like any other open event bar, a cannabis bar works the same way. Only instead of alcohol (or salad or ice cream, we don’t judge), you’ll find weed on the menu. A weed bar makes it possible for party-goers to access recreational cannabis and consume it as they please. Cannabis bars can include everything from a sample of different strains to edibles and even concentrates. Sometimes they include smoking apparatuses, though you’ll need to provide these for your guests yourself in many cases.

Why are cannabis bars becoming a social norm?

As cannabis continues to be legalized across the country, there is a thriving recreational cannabis scene. In many places, it’s surging past alcohol when it comes to popularity in social settings. For one thing, weed is known for helping us cut loose and connect with others in a more profound, meaningful way. It also tends to make us more talkative and less anxious in social situations.

Many people prefer cannabis over alcohol since there’s no hangover, and the effects of THC don’t tend to last as long. You can be stoned for a few hours, and then you’re completely fine to drive yourself home, while alcohol frequently puts lives in danger. Especially at events with open bars when people tend to forget how much they drank.

What kind of events can host cannabis bars?

Cannabis bars are becoming insanely popular at bachelor and bachelorette parties, 21+ birthday parties, weddings and receptions, and other normal events. There are only two major stipulations with cannabis bars. The first is that all of your guests must be over the age of 21 for it to be served. The second is that cannabis bars can