710: What is OIL Day and How Did It Become a Stoner Holiday?

As July 10th approaches, there’s a good chance you’ve seen “710” popping up everywhere from Reddit to your favorite dispensary’s Instagram hashtags. So what exactly is it? Here’s everything you need to know about this unique stoner holiday’s mysterious origins and traditions as well as the answers to any other 7/10 questions you might have.

710: What is OIL Day and How Did It Become a Stoner Holiday? by Chi High Tours

So what is 710?

710, also known as 7/10, and ALSO known as OIL day is a newer cannabis celebration. If you write the numbers '710' or type them in on a calculator, it spells “oil” when flipped upside down, and for this reason has become a new term in the cannabis glossary. Ultimately, 710 is a dabbing holiday celebrated on July 10th. Oil is shorthand for cannabis concentrates and dabs, which are potent long-lasting cannabis extracts rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

That said, if you’ve ever explored pot tourism, there’s a good chance you’ve come across bud and breakfasts that proudly claim to be 420-friendly or 710-friendly. A 710-friendly experience means that you can comfortably dab your favorite concentrated cannabis products.

Here’s a 710 History Lesson.

Now that you know what 710 is, you’re probably wondering where it came from. Is 710 supposed to be like 420 where you follow the tradition of dabbing at 7:10 in the morning or evening? When is it celebrated, and more importantly, why? How did someone spot the similarity between 710 and oil and get enough people to celebrate it?

There are actually not a whole lot of answers to these questions. When it comes to the origins of 710, things are a little misty. While most participants believe that the term became popular on Reddit and other online forums in the early 2010s, there is still no official record of where the term came from or how it started.

The term became a lot more widespread after being born on the internet when the 7/10 Cup was held in 2012. Like the Cannabis Cup, the 710 Cup was held July 10th and celebrated cannabis concentrates. Later in 2014, High Times (the masterminds behind the Cannabis Cup) published an article detailing the term and why it was an important holiday to celebrate all types of cannabis concentrates and oils on July 10th every year.

At this point, 7/10 culture started to explode. Colorado and Washington legalized recreational cannabis in 2014 and the cannabis concentrate market went crazy. Many extract companies were born bearing 710 in their marketing like a badge of honor.

Today, 710 is celebrated on July 10th every year all over the world to enjoy cannabis concentrates and help break the stigma that exists around dabbing.

Is 710 The New 420?

So considering the numbers and dates and things, is 710 set to overtake 420 when it comes to stoner holidays? The answer is no. 4/20 is firmly planted into the hearts of cannabis lovers across the world. Its cultural significance is completely unmatched considering it was started back in the days of prohibition. While 4/20 isn’t going anywhere, 7/10 is becoming popular too.

Unlike 4/20 which exploded in the 70s counterculture movement, 7/10 has always been a grassroots effort. Concentrates have only been available since the early 2000s, after all. However, they continue to gain popularity as more and more people are exposed to them and the stigma continues to break. Consumers are even starting to prefer dabs to flower.

Ultimately though, each holiday is a celebration of a different part of cannabis. 4/20 isn’t going anywhere, and the best of 7/10 is yet to come when it comes to traditions and events and so much more moving forward.

Celebrate 7/10 710 Oil Day with cannabis concentrates — Chi High Tours

How To Celebrate 710

Celebrating OIL day is a lot like celebrating 4/20. How you celebrate it is ultimately up to you. Add some wax to your joint, top your bowl with kief, rip your vape cartridge, or just enjoy a hearty dab or three straight from your dab rig. Kick back and relax with friends and celebrate the post-legalization bliss and all the ingenuity that goes into making cannabis concentrates.

You can always celebrate 7/10 by taking a luxury cannabis tour throughout Chicago with consumption opportunities, too.

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