Cookouts & Cannabis — 3 Ways to Include Cannabis on Independence Day

Ah, the 4th of July.

Independence day is a day for cold beer, cookouts, and loud, public expressions of patriotism. This weekend marks one of the most popular summer holidays and kicks off with an abundance of backyard barbeques and poolside parties.

But despite the potato salads and pies and fireworks, 2021 marks the first year Chicago has had legal recreational marijuana on the market, which brings on some time to reflect. The 4th of July celebrates rebel successes in gaining independence from tyrannical governments. While using cannabis has become less and less rebellious every year due to the legalization wave, it’s still a great holiday to think about and celebrate the death of the laws that outlawed cannabis and created social inequities within the country.

With that said, spend your 4th of July reveling in these newfound personal freedoms. Leverage the products detailed below and host a 420-friendly cookout. Share them with the people you love, and reflect on how far we’ve come. There may be a long road ahead, but every year we come a little closer to full-fledged recreational freedom.

1. Offer THC-infused beverages, too.

If you’re offering beer at your cookout, you might as well offer THC-infused drinks too! Chicago’s recreational dispensaries offer a variety of THC-infused beverages. However, at 100mg per serving, they tend to be a little pricey and also a little intense for novice cannabis users. If you want to offer something special that won’t make anyone feel too sauced, try this recipe for a festive, THC-infused 4th of July layered cocktail:

You will need: