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Learn more about the cannabis industry through our fun & informative tours throughout greater Chicago.

Welcome to Chicago’s exclusive cannabis tour and lounge experience. There are a lot of tour options at your disposal in Chicago, but with recreational cannabis use going fully legal in Chicago on January 1, 2020, Chi High Tours will be able to get you within inches of the infamous cannabis leaf and learn of its several beneficial qualities. Board our luxury bus with which will have an array of cannabis-infused snacks, along with the most entertaining and informative guides in Chicago! With daily cannabis tours, Chi High Tours creates a safe, entertaining, informative, and inclusive space to meet and sesh with many new friends from Chicago!

Chi High Tours has lined up the ultimate Chicago Experience with a list of focused and well thought out cannabis bus tours which will visit cannabis cultivation centers, dispensaries, and experience many of the things that make Chicago so cool like delicious food, great breweries, along with other iconic stops.

What kind of tours do we offer?

Classic Educational Tour

On this informative tour, you will visit a cultivation center and learn about grow operations from seed to flower…Discover the science behind cannabis testing and what determines potency and smell. Visit Chicago-area dispensaries on a guided in-depth tour and learn about the different strains and medical purposes that cannabis possess. Our classic educational tour will also include:

  • Glass Blowing

  • Cannabis-infused snacks

  • Extensive Goody Bag

  • Trivia & Prizes

Chicago Jazz Culture & Cannabis Tour

On this tour, you will see the very best of Chicago, while also enjoying the benefits of recreational Marijuana. During this 3 hour Chicago adventure, you will travel all throughout the city, making two stops at Chicago’s top dispensaries, while also seeing Chicago’s top sites and hidden gems like visiting the cultural center and learning about the origins of Chicago Blues, Jazz, and House Music. You will get to see the former site of the 1893 World’s Fair, and Visit several cultural neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Little Italy, and Greek Town. One of the highlights of this and all of our tours will be getting to sample delicious cannabis-infused treats provided by a local Chicago chef.

Beer Buds & Bites Tour

This tour is perfect for those looking to get a triple dose of Chicago’s three favorite items… Our bestselling beers & breweries, our delicious hometown food, and our new recreational cannabis scene. Let the “infused” adventure begin aboard our 5-star tour bus, where you will be on your way to see inside Chicago’s brewery & cannabis scene. Then top it off for the “foodie” in you, with an array of local eats along with multiple samples of cannabis-infused treats

  • Enjoy some of Chicago’s best eateries and historic delegacies

  • Learn Chicago’s cannabis scene and get discounts at two top dispensaries

  • Indulge in the craft brewing process at a well-loved local brewery

Proven Cannabis Health Benefits

In addition to the fun and staying true to our goal to educate, our tours will shed light on some proven health benefits of cannabis, such as

Protecting Your Lungs

As the fog of climate change thickens, people of Chicago want to quit smoking. In addition, this is where cannabis can become a savior as it actually boosts your lungs.

Helps Regulate Weight

Also, look around, and you may notice that cannabis enthusiasts are not overweight. That is because cannabis helps your body to regulate insulin and maintains calories.

Maintains Your Blood Sugar

What’s interesting is that cannabis inherently stabilizes your blood sugar and lowers blood pressure. However, one of the best benefits of cannabis is how it fights cancer.

Fights Cancer

There is considerable proof that showcases how cannabis counteracts different kinds of cancers.

What Makes Chi High Tours Different

Chi High Tours is Chicago’s premier and leading cannabis tour company. We provide guests with entertaining and informative adventures created to highlight not just the dispensaries throughout Chicago but also companies and activities that represent the diversity, which makes Chicago one of the best cities in the US.

Our helpful guides are some of the best in the business, and you are sure to be both entertained and educated about Chicago’s growing cannabis culture. This is one of the most distinctive Chicago tours around and a great way to meet with other cannabis curious travelers from all over the world.

An Essential Experience

Regardless of how many grows you may have seen, you’ll be blown away by our unique experience. From first-time cannabis smokers to professional cloud blowers, our tour is essential for everyone! Join Chi High Tours for an informative, interactive, and entertaining day and experience the whole life cycle of your favorite plant — from seed to bowl.

Meet many other cannabis curious travelers from Chicago on a premium and entertaining tour bus with amazing amenities as we head to renowned dispensaries in the windy city for a fantastic tour.

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