The 5 Best Strains to Look Out For in Chicago and Where to Find Them

Here to find the what what on weed strains & why? This article will go in-depth on the most popular strains in Chicago, why we love them, and where you can find them.

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What makes a strain good?

If you’re new to the recreational cannabis scene, you may be wondering where to begin. First off, keep in mind that not all strains are created equal. Some genetics are older than others, and some genetics have been crossed, backcrossed, and inbred so many times that they’re not as potent in the cannabinoid and terpene department as they once were.

Even further, not all strains are cultivated perfectly. Some strains are finicky to keep and grow, and in newer cannabis markets oftentimes the buds aren’t grown to their full potential. That said, sometimes you’ll see a huge difference in quality in the same strain from dispensary to dispensary, or from state to state.

In Chicago, there are a handful of cultivators who are just killing the game. In their buds, the quality, size, shape, smell, and potency levels are consistent with the pros in different cities and states. They tend to cost a little more, but the quality is worth it, especially since it brings along peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about non-organic pesticides, bugs, or mold. When you’re looking for a good strain, make sure you lookout for the following information:

  • THC/CBD content. Anything between 12-28% is excellent. However, don’t get discouraged if a strain is on the lower end of the spectrum. Cannabinoid content is important, but the way a strain feels is largely dependent on the terpene content.

  • Terpene content. Terpenes work directly with cannabinoids and boost their therapeutic effects in a phenomenon known as the Entourage Effect. They are also responsible for the way the strain smells and tastes, so the louder the strain smells, the stronger it will feel when you smoke it. It’s nice to see terpenes listed on packaging materials, though the scent alone will be a pretty good indicator of quality.

  • Smell. Make sure your buds are fragrant for best results.

  • Appearance: You’ll want to avoid small, crumbly, dry flowers or flowers that turn to dust when you pinch them. Look for medium to large sticky flowers with good color and lots of trichomes. The silvery sheen of the trichomes is a good indicator of potency.

  • Budtender opinion: If you’re looking to feel a certain way with your weed, be sure to ask the budtender at your favorite dispensary for their recommendation. Most of the time, they’ve sampled the strains themselves and will be able to give you a better idea of how a strain might affect you. Just keep in mind that cannabis affects everyone a little differently, so don’t be upset with your budtender if the strain affects you a little differently than it affected them.

5 Best Chicago Strains

Now that you know what to look for in quality Chicago cannabis, check out these top 5 strains. These strains are tried and true and have quickly become fan-favorites among many medical patients and recreational users here in Chicago.

  • Slurricane (H) — Slurricane is a hybrid cross between Do-Si-Dos (a hybrid) and Purple Punch (an indica). It tends to offer slightly indica-leaning effects as it makes unwinding and relaxing a breeze, though these effects come on super slowly. The first impression of the strain is an uplifting and euphorically head-spinning effect that will leave you feeling relieved, relaxed, and creative. However, after some time, the body buzz takes root and makes it possible to keep a positive headspace while providing deep physical relief to the whole body. Slurricane contains a ton of Limonene, Pinene, and b-Caryophyllene terpenes which give the strain a sweet and sugary flavor profile reminiscent of berries with a piney aftertaste. It checks in between 22-28% THC, making it a great choice for recreational users and medical patients seeking relief from a lack of appetite, chronic pain, PMS, fatigue, headaches, depression, and stress.

  • Mandarin Cookies (H) — Mandarin Cookies is another excellent hybrid offering a mix of cerebral and physical effects. It’s a 70/30 sativa-leaning hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies (a hybrid) and Mandarin Sunset (another hybrid). It offers plenty of unique diesel, citrus, and nutty vanilla flavors thanks to the presence of Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene terpenes that when coupled with a THC content of 19-25% THC offer a ton of great physical and mental effects that make it a great choice for enjoyment at any time of day. Mandarin Cookies offers an energizing and uplifting sensation that brings about a sense of creativity and focus that may help with symptoms of ADD/ADHD, stress, and depression. It also offers a tingly and relaxing body buzz that will leave you feeling relieved from pain, headaches, and fatigue.

  • Kimbo Kush (H) — Kimbo Kush is another balanced hybrid, though it tends to offer more indica-dominant effects. This potent cross between Blackberry Kush (an Indica) and Starfighter (a hybrid) was named for the late Kimbo Slice and offers a pretty heavy kush experience thanks to the presence of Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene terpenes. It offers that unique kush-like funk in addition to a bright, citrusy flavor that is sure to boost the effects of the THC, which checks in around 23-27% THC. Just like Kimbo, the strain packs a 1-2 punch of blissful, happiness-amplifying euphoria that is quickly followed by a deeply soothing couch-lock. It’s a great choice for recreational users and medical patients seeking relief from insomnia, pain, depression, lack of appetite, muscle spasms, stress, and headaches.

  • Lime Sorbet (I) — Lime Sorbet is a potent indica checking in at 22-25% THC. It’s a favorable cross between legendary Bubba Kush (an indica) and Lime Skunk (a hybrid) boasting a ton of Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Terpinolene terpenes that give the strain a potent lime and kush flavor profile. The strain starts off with an energizing and uplifting cerebral effect that will leave you feeling happy and giggly. However, the mental effects are quickly followed by a deeply soothing and relaxing body high that may leave you feeling relaxed and couch-locked. Lime Sorbet is a great choice if you’re dealing with insomnia and are looking for a sleep remedy. However, it’s also a great choice for any recreational user or medical patient seeking relief from anxiety, pain, depression, nausea, and a lack of appetite.

  • Island Sweet Skunk (S) — Island Sweet Skunk is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Sweet Pink Grapefruit (a sativa) with Skunk #1 (an indica) checking in at 20-25% THC. It offers a fragrant mix of Pinene, Myrcene, and Terpinolene terpenes that give the strain a very tropical fruit flavor along with many skunk and sweet grapefruit notes. Island Sweet Skunk is a great choice for daytime use among medical patients and recreational users alike thanks to its extremely euphoric, cerebral, and energizing effects. Island Sweet Skunk is a great choice for boosting creativity and happy feelings, too. If you’re looking for potent relief from depression, pain, fatigue, headaches, and stress, Island Sweet Skunk feels great and won’t slow you down.

Where to find the best strains in Chicago

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to try all of these exciting strains, look no further than The Herbal Care Center. The Herbal Care Center is Chicago’s finest medical and recreational dispensary, offering all of these exciting strains in addition to over 20 more. You can find just about everything you need here, including exotic, top-shelf flower, a variety of pre-rolls in a ton of different sizes, edibles, vaporizers and vape cartridges, concentrates of all consistencies, and even tinctures and topicals. Best of all, the atmosphere at this dispensary is one of a kind. The staff are exceptionally friendly and informed on all things cannabis, so when you shop here you’ll be shopping with confidence.

You can visit The Herbal Care Center from 10 AM to 8 PM Tuesdays through Saturdays and from 10 AM to 3 PM on Sundays and Mondays. While they are located in the city, they have a free, secure parking lot with over 30 spaces and 2 handicap parking spaces. Best of all, if you need assistance getting into the building, they also offer a wheelchair escort to and from the building.

Visit The Herbal Care Center at 1301 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60608, or feel free to give them a call during normal business hours at (773) 724-4200 with any questions, comments, or concerns.

At Chi High Tours we are happy to have The Herbal Care Center as one of our designated stops. We look forward to helping our clients learn more about what The Herbal Care Center has to offer. Click here to learn more about our upcoming tours.


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