Try These 5 Foods The Next Time The Munchies Hit

As cannabis connoisseurs and aficionados, we’re all pretty familiar with the munchies. That insatiable hunger kicks in after a good sesh and by the time it hits you you’ve already been melting into the couch for an hour or two— and who really wants to get up to prepare a meal after that?

However, ordering takeout can get pretty expensive. And after eating so many sour gummy worms and Hot Cheetos, those kinda stop doing it for ya too. Below we’ve listed some of the best foods to have on hand for when the munchies hit, as well as some cold hard facts to back them up.

Try These 5 Foods The Next Time The Munchies Hit by Chi High Tours Chicago's best cannabis tour

Why do we get the munchies?

As an educational cannabis tour company, we love diving into the sciencey side of weed. The munchies are one of the most common side effects when it comes to smoking cannabis, and it’s been studied pretty extensively. For example, cannabis’ unique ability to trigger an appetite is one of the reasons it’s used extensively in medical marijuana patients.

But it’s a little more than that. Have you ever noticed that most things just kinda taste better when you smoke weed? Turns out that’s not hearsay in the slightest. A european study on rats found that THC slides into the receptors in our brain's olfactory bulb, which increases our ability to smell and taste things more acutely.

Further, previous research also found that THC affects another part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens, which triggers the release of dopamine and that pleasurable feeling. When you eat while high, it releases more dopamine than it normally does. Other studies found that THC also interferes with similar receptors in the hypothalamus portion of the brain, which releases ghrelin, also known as the hormone that makes you feel hungry. THC makes the body feel physically starved of food.

So to recap, THC makes food smell and taste better and also physically makes you feel hungry. It can also make eating more pleasurable and stimulate an appetite, making the munchies almost a guarantee.

Which strains are more likely to cause the munchies?