Visiting Chicago in 2021? Why Our Cannabis Tours Are A Must — Whether You’re A Consumer Or Not!

Thinking about taking a trip to the Windy City this year? Now that there’s a readily accessible vaccine, there’s never been a better time to explore Chicago. Whether you consume cannabis or not, there’s something for everyone in this great city of ours, and our local born-and-raised guides can show you the best-kept secrets the city has to offer. Not sure if a Cannabis tour is right for you? Let us ease your doubts.

Chi High Tours - Chicago's best cannabis tour

A Guided Tour Through Chicago (in comfort and style!)

All of our tours are top-notch in the scene and all completely one of a kind. We operate all of our tours out of a fleet of luxury 5-star tour busses & SUVs that’ll carry you and your crew through the city in style and comfort. You can even schedule a private reservation to enjoy the tour on your own or with close friends only. Regardless of which tour package you choose, you’ll be able to see everything the city has to offer, including our one of a kind architecture, our exciting new cannabis industry, and amazing beer and restaurant scene. Our dedicated tour guides AKA, Canna guides, make your enjoyment (and safety) their top priority during your tour.

Educational, Cultural Experiences

If you’ve never been to Chicago, a tour is easily one of the best ways to get the full insight and appreciation for the culture and the people. More or less, a guided tour through Chicago makes it easy to learn about the coolest and most exciting spots from someone who already lives and breathes the city. It gives a more personal approach to being a tourist and can help you find the most exciting bars, breweries, restaurants, and lowkey attractions the city has to offer.

More importantly though is the educational aspect. Whether you’re visiting specifically for cannabis tourism or just checking out the city, a guided tour offers a deeper glimpse into the city’s inner workings. Our tours are designed to help cannabis newbies learn how to safely consume cannabis while also covering things like cannabis history in Chicago, how the cannabis industry runs and keeps regulated, and what all those years of prohibition did to the city.

All of our tours, while cannabis-centric, are great for consumers and non-consumers alike. By taking a tour with us, you will learn everything you need to know about the city, how to have fun in it, and how to partake in the recreational cannabis industry safely. All of which are things you can’t learn through free internet articles or expensive secondary education courses.

Supports Small, Local Restaurants, Dispensaries, and Breweries

There are lots of guided tours through Chicago out there, but most of them drive busloads of tourists to and from the city’s main attractions: Millennium Park, Willis Tower, Navy Pier, etc. And while these are great (and in some cases even included in our own tours), we prefer to elevate and empower the lesser-known gems that make Chicago such a diverse, exciting city to visit. During all of our tours, we’ll take you to places where you can enjoy unique experiences, like glassblowing, sampling Cannabis-infused foods, visiting dispensaries, and even stopping at local breweries and restaurants for a beer and a bite.

Chi High Tours cultivates an experience that seamlessly marries education, culture, and personal connection. We can’t wait to learn, laugh, and meet with your group and help you make memories you won’t soon forget.

Our tours will resume on March 11th, 2021, and we’re excited to experience Chicago with you.

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